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Lemonade Magazine

Sarah Petrella debuts "Seasons" video



Fern TV

Musician is well seasoned for success

The music that is coming from this rising star is sultry and seductive and reminds you of that boot kicking nature of Alanah Myles.


Music Connection

DIY Spotlight Sarah Petrella

Sarah Petrella has always paved her own path when it comes to music. In fact, it was clear to her from a very young age that music was her deepest passion.

She wrote her first song before the age of 10, and as a young teen she won a CMA competition for “Best Vocal Group” with the country band, Most Wanted.


Ceasar Live N Loud

Sarah Petrella releases Seasons EP

I've got to say guys... this is a gorgeous EP if you're into Americana/Southern Rock music.


Lemonade Magazine

Sarah Petrella Jumps onto the Scene with 'Seasons'

The California native has come along at the perfect time as well, considering the new wave of outlaws that have received mainstream attention around the nation. Just imagine Petrella being the bourbon toElle King‘s whiskey, a similar shot with just a tad bit sweeter taste. The six song EP features a great selection of different tempos for Petrella that should please the rock fans, the country fans and everything in between.


EILE Magazine

Folk-Rock artist, Sarah Petrella, is a rising star with a strong hold on the Los Angeles music scene

Her latest single "Mr Mystery" showcases her sultry vocals and dramatic tendancies as she evokes intense passion in this bewitching tale. 


Vents Magazine

Sarah Petrella releases irresistible Americana Ep 'Seasons'

Folk-rock artist, Sarah Petrella, released her Seasons EP, showcasing her impeccable knack to produce southern rock with an air of seduction. Packed with grizzly guitar licks and a western flair, Petrella’s feisty presence shines in her gorgeous and sultry vocals. Seasons is now available on iTunes. 



EP Release Review from Hotel Cafe 11/17/15

The EP, Seasons, is a monumental release for Sarah Petrella and will undoubtedly propel her career forward as she continues to share her music to those ready to hear something good. It was a very special birthday gift for Petrella and her fans at the Hotel Café and the social media pictures can back this up. Sarah Petrella’s music is entertaining and thought provoking and will catapult this exceptional singer-songwriter to make major waves in the coming year.


For the Country Record

Sarah Petrella Drops Alluring Single and Music Video, “Mister Mystery”

Opening with a cinematic punch, Petrella’s latest release, “Mister Mystery” is a hypnotic single with seductive undertones and a western flair that is absolutely beguiling.


New Music Weekly

Sarah Petrella Drops Alluring FREE Single and Music Video, “Mister Mystery”

Petrella shifts from an intimate whisper to a belting vocal display, showcasing her powerful range paired with the explosive energy of the music, which further heightens the ferocity of this affair.


Painting the Silence

Dancing with the Devil by Sarah Petrella

In Petrella’s music one can hear elements of folk, rock, blues, and country, with her main influences ranging from Patty Griffin to Grace Potter and Bonnie Raitt. KCRW describes Petrella’s vocal stylings ranging “from light fun, to Broadway, to alt-folk rock.”


Indie Minded

New Video Alert: Mister Mystery by Sarah Petrella [Premiere]

Los Angeles-based indie folk-rock singer Sarah Petrella is happy to present the brand new video for her track “Mister Mystery,” streaming below.

Combining a strong voice and catchy hooks, Sarah Petrella will pull you in with this track, and possibly not let you go. Give the new video a look, you won’t be disappointed!



SARAH PETRELLA: discover a country-rockstar in the making

Dancing With The Devil is an awesome, highly entertaining, country-rock song; it's the first single off Sarah's upcoming EP, recorded at Echo Underground Studios and produced by Dan Kalisher. 


Coming Up Magazine

Sarah Petrella’s Devilish Dance Down South

I heard this pop rock song infused with a little hint of country tossed in the mix. Genre aside, what really stands out is her vocal range. The pipes are strong with this one, which doesn’t surprise you once you learn that she’s been working towards her musical career since the tender age of 10.


Aural Addiction

Dance With the Devil to the Sounds of Sarah Petrella



Caesar Live N Loud

Listen To: Dancing With The Devil (Sarah Petrella)

Time for some folk/rock! Los Angeles based musician Sarah Petrella just released her single, Dancing with the Devil and as the title suggests, the piece evokes a uniquely forbidden charm and proves to be irresistibly enticing. I am loving the guitar riff, her sultry vocals and the overall attitude of the song. Really a beautiful song if you're into some rock/folk with the right amount of Country!



Leading Us Absurd

New Music: "Dancing With The Devil" Sarah Petrella

The radio-friendly sheen slightly of underscores the dark-blues vibe, but that’s only a minor quibble. Most listeners will find “Dancing with the Devil” to be a raucous slice of old school rock and roll.



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with Jamie Roxx

Radio Interview



Sarah Petrella's Releases New Tantalizing Jam "Dancing With The Devil"

Her current style is reflective of a variety of inspirations that include blues, rock and country. Petrella's impeccable vocal skills echo this variety as she moves from soft and sweet to commanding and powerful in the matter of seconds. 


New Music Weekly

Sarah Petrella Releases New Tantalizing Jam, “Dancing With The Devil”

Sarah Petrella’s broad and diverse musical interests have provided her with a different style – one based on versatility in both vocals and tone. “Dancing with the Devil” is a dazzling and mesmerizing artistic execution that emphasizes the artist’s remarkably traversing voice.


Music Industry News Network

Sarah Petrella Releases New Tantalizing Jam, “Dancing With The Devil”

“Dancing with the Devil” opens with a deep, powerful bass line that guides a guitar riff comprised of delicate minor chords throughout the song. The darkness and eeriness of the melody is coupled with the sweet and rich voice of Petrella, which forms a beautifully stark contrast in tones.


Broadway World

Jagged Little Pill at Rockwell Triumphs

"Sarah Petrella's mesmerizing in her scenes, vocally charged and compelling to watch."


Limerence Magazine

Live Facebook Chat

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All Whats Rock

Sarah Petrella "Summer" EP

"All in all, Sarah Petrella’s “Summer” is quite pleasant and diverse, without alienating the listener, all the while keeping her vocals up front and center, right where they should be. Definitely an artist to watch, I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more of her in the near future."


Neufutur Magazine

Sarah Petrella Interview

Neufutur Magazine Interview


Vents Magazine


Vents Magazine Interview


Skope Magazine

Summer Glows with Sarah Petrella

Overall, Sarah is not just a pretty face to stare at, or a beautiful voice to listen to. She’s both– and this album proves it. Talent doesn’t go unnoticed when you have the full package and Sarah Petrella definitely covers all the bases.


Grateful Web

Sarah Petrella "Summer" Review

Her musical/vocal style is cut from the cloth of Celine Dion, Bonnie Raitt, and Shania Twain - but I will add she can go toe to toe with any one of them vocally.


Indie Band Guru

Sarah Petrella – Young Songwriter Shows Off Her Musical Theater Past

Sarah then changes it up with her version of the Pearl Jam hit ‘Daughter’.  She shows off her voice in ways that Eddie Veder could never


Music Perk

Summer- Sarah Petrella

Sarah Petrella’s new album Summer is a memorable piece of music history that spans from the past to the present time, with a clear emphasis paying homage to the 90’s era with heart and soul.  Sarah’s music is full of exciting discoveries, and no matter which song you listen to, she’ll surprise you along the way.


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with Ralph Watley

Live Radio Interview

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